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ROC operates on a set of creative tools and the diverse beauty of our network. Here's an impression of what to expect when working with us:


A dedicated and seasoned core team is connected with a network of creatives and experts. According to the challenge ahead, we put together the best crew for the cause.

We always aim for a diversified mix of skills, cultural backgrounds and age groups. Most important, we look for professional quality paired with high reliability and a good sense of humor. Expect the unexpected from our consultants, designers and artisans.


We extract and mix the most useful elements of established innovation processes such as Human Centered Design, Theory U, Dragon Dreaming or Agile Development. On top of those tools comes a certain attitude and experience that we've collected during the transition camps we've facilitated and the communities we've already built. Mindfulness, prototyping, experience design, empathy, diversity to name a few.


Our five learnings for innovative and effective inclusion:

  1. See the individual potential instead of generalized problems
  2. Include all stakeholders in the process instead of serving target groups
  3. Open the space for solutions instead of fixing the problem on your own
  4. Embrace intuition instead of sticking to the perfect plan
  5. Involve and inclusify yourself into the process instead of “handling” others


In complex and diversified settings, everything is only built for the moment. People, spaces and frameworks change fast, especially in the sector of migration. This is why we iterate always and are open-minded to changes of direction. We rethink obstacles as learning opportunities and simply design for the next best solution - prototyping until a stable solution is found. All our work is open-source, so people in different contexts can pick & improve it.


ROC does not proclaim to have all the answers. Right the opposite, we depend on and learn from inspiring partners. If time and budget allows to, we set-up smart networks in which other teams find their dedicated role and can play out their strength that we don't own. In a world of complex threats and challenges, we have to come together instead of competing for the “better” solution.