The power of pragmatic makers, the systemic thinking of consultants and scientific depth is what makes ROC unique:

Maker Force

The Maker Force are the individuals who go into the shelters and realize our integration program. They are those who conduct interviews with the stakeholders, who build and facilitate the teams. They are the experts that plan and execute our workshops, and those who bring in the needed building skills and teach it to the teams. They are the refugees who participate in our program and the volunteers from the neighborhood.

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Consulting & Campaigning

Policy making cannot be done right without keeping one ear to the beneficiaries, the doers, the innovators and the people on the front lines. With the combination of Maker Force and Transition Lab we provide the two essential elements for well informed policy making; the base level and the aggregate data. We use our expertise to help setting the frameworks for innovative integration processes.

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Transition Lab

While we prototype and move forward in complex working environments, many of our innovations pop up “on the go”. Some of those are too precious to let go - the lab is the place where they can blossom. Here, we develop and improve, evaluate our hypotheses, share our data and findings, document and publicate our progress.

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